Reservation Policy

Zum Schneider NYC does not take reservations unless it's for private parties of 10 PEOPLE OR MORE. On Fridays and Saturdays the limit is 25 people for one party.

For reservations, or if you have any special requests, from band to buffet or anything else you might have in mind, please don't hesitate to call us anytime after 4pm at (212) 598-1098 or just email us


Minimum food and beverage guarantee

There is a minimum food and beverage guarantee of $35/person (not including tip & tax). If you reserve the entire small room you will be charged the minimum food and beverage guarantee for 25 people if your actual bill is lower than that.

Cakes and Corkage fee

There is NO fee for birthday cakes that you bring in. However, we charge a $20 corkage fee for champagne etc. that you bring. Unfortunately, you cannot bring any hard liquor simply because we don't have a license for it.

We will try our very best to host your event in a way that you, like many before you, will never forget.
— Sylvester Schneider, owner