What does "Zum Schneider" mean?

"Schneider" is the last name of the founder, Sylvester, and "Zum" means "to" or "at" in English. As part of the name of a restaurant, it is the German equivalent to "Schneider's." It's pronounced "Tsoum Shnyder".

Who is this creepy little guy in the post and behind the bar?

It's a Wolpertinger: An extremely rare animal living in the Bavarian forest. Only possible to hunt with a net. Hunters sometimes die of starvation waiting for their prey....

Is Sylvester Schneider affiliated with the owners of the Schneider Weisse brewery?

Although they bear the same name and know each other, there is no family relationship, nor has Schneider Weisse ownership at Zum Schneider.

Why did Sylvester Schneider found the restaurant?

Because he was homesick. See the About section for some background information.

Does the staff speak German?

Yes, all serving staff members are fluent in German (and English).

Do you accept credit cards?

Sorry, cash only.

Do you offer other drinks besides beer?

Yes: wine, and soft drinks. See our drinks menu for more inspiration. Sorry, no liquor.

Can I rent the space for my private party?

For large groups you can make reservations. Please check out our reservation policy for details.

Who is the guy in the framed picture behind the bar?

King Ludwig II. von Bayern (1845-1886), the founder of Schloss Neuschwanstein.