NYC winter survival guide: Where to enjoy the season (

Dec. 11th, 2014

Winter can be hard on even the most holiday spirited. Short days of either freezing rain or driving snow, the subways are somehow always too hot or too cold, and everything feels like too much effort. But NYC has seen a lot more winters come and go than you or I, and it’s got plenty of ways to help you get through it — and maybe even enjoy the season.

The beauty of singing during the holidays is everyone is either too drunk or too happy to care if you’re tone deaf. At Zum Schneider (107 Ave. C, Alphabet City), they’re likely to be both. For the next two Sundays beginning at 1 p.m., the restaurant will be serving a special holiday menu (though the cookies and German fruitcake are free) and providing songbooks to diners to sing holiday carols. You’ll be accompanied not just by clicking steins but by a two-man band of guitar, accordion and dulcimer. Read more