Zum Schneider

Food Snob – More than just a picky eater
by Monique


I joined the site in August and since becoming Elite have made a whole new network of friends that i have SO MUCH in common with! I really cant explain how awesome the site is for not only reviewing or researching places but for connecting with people that have similar opinions as yourself.

When I landed my coveted spot on the Yelp Drinks Bus Tour, I got to put faces to names and ended up on the coolest, most friendliest bus of the tour! The experience alone had me thirsty for more Yelp events..which brought me to Keybar two weeks ago where I pounded back shot after shot with my fellow yelpers. It was there, while getting completely sloshed that I bonded with a great group of yelpers.

One Yelper in particular, is a real Riot and a go getter. The male version of myself…only im a little more awesome (my blog, my rules). He sent me a message on Yelp the other day.

Subject: Boozefest
Re: Tomorrow. 1pm. Be there.

I’ve learned in life that when people demand you be somewhere- there are guaranteed good times ahead. I doctored my agenda a tiny bit and hit the city at 1230 pm on a Saturday to Loisada. Avenue C and East 7th street to be exact.

Zum Scnheider is a Bavarian bar slash bier garten in a part of the city that I normally wouldnt find it. I have never been to a beer garden. I am not a huge beer afficionado.

But I like to drink beer. And i like to socialize. Zum Schneider has an awesome decor that invites you to plop at a wooden table, order das boot and get ridiculously drunk over the course of several hours.

My friend Phil, the organizer of the impromptu boozefest, snagged a huge table in a corner of the bar. Me, being me, arrived a little late and flustered because i hate being late…

But Phil was on top of everything. Waiting at the table, along with a few other yelpers was a basket of fresh, warm doughy pretzels with a spicy home made mustard. My empty stomach rejoiced with these amazing pretzels. It was difficult to share.

Opening the beer menu, i was overwhelmed. One, I dont know much about beer other than some taste good, and some taste bad… Phil was very wise to direct me to the Hofbrau which i loved so much, i ordered 3 pints of it.

It was truly an awesome time. The weather was gorgeous, the conversation was flowing effortlessly about any and everything, and the beer was endless! the staff at Zum Schneider were amazingly attentive and knowledgeable. Not once did i feel like i was being rushed out of the restaurant or ignored…

But the pretzels in my belly were slowly proving to be ineffective and I needed a snack. STAT. I ordered the weiners.

stop giggling.

thats what they were called. Essentially, there were hot dogs. But these hot dogs were fantastic. Each bite had an insane snap to it and i greedily dipped each bite into the mustard that I want to dip everything in!

The potato pancakes here are incredible as well!

I snapped this photo halfway into our adventure.

I left 5 hours later, slightly buzzed and a little peckish… I am absolutely in LOVE with this place. While I walked to the train station I called my father (the beer lover) and told him i found the perfect place to take him on fathers day.

I’m dead serious.

Its a done deal. He's excited.