Jul 26


We are showing the games with USA participating, if they are taking place during our regular open times.

Oktoberfest Warm-Up at the Restaurant
Sep 24

Oktoberfest Warm-Up at the Restaurant

We open our Oktoberfest in NYC with a warm-up session at the restaurant, before we move the event to Munich on the East River.

Saturday, Sep. 23th, 1pm
Sunday, Sep. 24th, 1pm

Free admission, No reservations

  • Live Music with Mösl Franzi and the JaJaJa's
  • DJ Volka Racho
  • Imported Oktoberfest beers on tap
  • Wiesn Hendl (Oktoberfest roast chicken), Haxn (pork shank) and Giant Oktoberfest Brezn on the menu.
  • German speaking staff in Dirndl and Lederhosen

U21 Euro 2017: Italy v. Germany
2:45 pm14:45

U21 Euro 2017: Italy v. Germany

The last group C stage game in the U21 Euro 2017 competition.

See the next football stars in the classic match of the two rivals.

German live TV stream for the pre- and postgame show.
ESPN stream for the game.

Progusta IPA Launch Party with Live Music
4:00 pm16:00

Progusta IPA Launch Party with Live Music

This Friday, June 9th we'll introduce one of the first German IPAs brewed by one of the few craft beer producers in Germany. We're happy to introduce Progusta IPA brewed by BraufactuM "das Craft Bier", which was founded in Frankfurt in 2010

St. Patrick's Day
4:00 pm16:00

St. Patrick's Day

Drink two Mass (Steins) Warsteiner and get the third one for free, AND take home your green Masskrug.
Click for details.

Rio 2016 Olympics
Aug 21

Rio 2016 Olympics

We are showing the 2016 Olympics in Brazil at Zum Schneider per request.

Doors open Monday-Thursday at 5pm, Friday at 4pm, Saturday/Sunday at 1pm.

Special notice: Yes, we are showing then Soccer Men's team Gold medal match Brazil vs Germany live on the big screen! Saturday, August 20th, at 4:30PM. Doors open at 1pm.


Copa América Centenario
Jun 26

Copa América Centenario

Saturday, June 25 – Third Place
8:00 PM ET    USA vs Colombia
Sunday, June 26 – Final
8:00 PM ET    Argentina vs Chile

Tanz in den Mai
May 1

Tanz in den Mai

DJ Volka Racho and DJ Noel spinning German classics and international dance music, to prime you for Maifest the following day. Enjoy our special beers and food items celebrating the 500th anniversary of the German beer purity law.

Stay Pure, Drink Beer: 500th Anniversary of Deutsches Reinheitsgebot
May 1

Stay Pure, Drink Beer: 500th Anniversary of Deutsches Reinheitsgebot

Stay Pure, Drink Beer

Celebrating "500 Jahre Reinheitsgebot" / 500 Years of Purity Law

One week of tappings, tastings, food and music.

Saturday, April 23rd - Sunday May 1st.

Featuring the most unique and rare Bavarian/German brews, and a menu offering food made with beer.

Kick off Saturday, April 23rd, 6 PM with live Oompah feat. Mösl Franzi and the JaJaJas and the tapping of a gravity keg of Weißenoher Eucharius Zwickel Pils on the bar.

Tanz in den Mai, Saturday, April 30th, 9 PM with DJ Volka Racho and DJ Noel.

Final celebration Maifest, Sunday, May 1st, 1  PM with Spanferkel (pig on spit), Mösl Franzi & the JaJaJas and DJ Volka Racho.

"Stay Pure, Drink Beer" List:

  • Schlenkerla lent beer, smoked, 5.5% ABV
  • Freigeist Abraxxxas, Weissbier, smoked  6% ABV
  • Freigeist Ottekolong Kölsch, unfiltered  4.8% ABV  
  • Füchschen Alt, traditional Altbier  4.8% ABV  
  • Mahr's Ungespundet Lager (Kellerbier), Unfiltered Lager  5.2% ABV
  • Mönchshof Kellerbier, Unfiltered Lager  5.4% ABV  
  • Weißenohe Eucharius Zwickel Pils (Gravity Keg) - #3 Unfiltered Pils  
  • Weißenohe Mönchskeller, Märzen  5.4% ABV  
  • Einbecker Ainpöckisch Heller Urbock 1378 "Unfiltered" 6.7% ABV

Scroll down for detailed descriptions of these beers!

All beers 0.3l: $8, 0.5l: $10, 1l (Mass): $18. Full flight tasting available for $70 (11 x 0.2l glasses).

Beer list subject to change. Availability might vary.

Beer details:

Freigeist Abraxxxas (30L) Weissbier, smoked  6%ABV
   Freigeist is lead by head brewer Sebastian Sauer, a very young but accomplished brewer. Freigeist started in Köln in the Braustelle Brewery, where they still brew, but has expanded to brewing at Göller Brewery located in Bavaria. Sebastian is intrigued by the old forgotten German beer styles that have been lost to the ocean of Pils and Helles over the past 100 years. His Abraxxxas is a historic recreation of the long lost Lichtenhainer style -- a slightly sour smoked wheatbeer. Many beers would have tasted like this in the days before pale malting technology, when most all malts had at least a somewhat smokey character imparted by open wood fire malting.

Freigeist Ottekolong Kölsch (30L) Kölsch, unfiltered  4.8%ABV
   This is probably the freshest tasting imported Kölsch style beer that you will taste, possibly due to it being unfiltered. With a touch more body than traditional Kölschbiers and with full flavor, it still quenches with refreshing lightness.

Füchschen Alt (30L) traditional altbier  4.8%ABV
   Altbier, the famous Düsseldorfer style ale, so rare in Germany. With it's regal mahogany color and rich malt flavor, this is one of the few old regional styles of beer from Germany that has weathered the near total take-over of Pilsner style.

Mahr's Ungespundet Lager (Kellerbier) Keg (50L) Unfiltered Lager  5.2%ABV
  Mahr's is an old family brewery in the heart of Franconia -- Bamberg, the brewing
center to Northern Bavaria. This unfiltered cellar beer is classic of traditional rustic lagers, full of life, flavor, and satisfaction. The Mahr's Gasthaus dates back to 1670, and is currently run by a descendent of the founder.

Mönchshof Kellerbier Keg (30L) Unfiltered Lager  5.4%ABV
  "Monks Haven" was once a Cloister brewery, where holy suds were made by the brothers. The tradition has been preserved and passed on through their rich, malt forward lager brews that harken back to times of castles and knights.

Weissenohe Eucharias Zwickel Pils Gravity Keg (20L) - #3 Unfiltered Pils
  There is nothing as traditional as a keg of unfiltered lager that gets tapped with a hammer, and drains naturally from atop the bar till every Stein is happily kräusened with a thick tan head floating on a half-liter of liquid bread.

Weissenohe Mönchskeller (30L) Märzen  5.4%ABV
  Founded in 1050 by Benedictine monks, Weissenhohe ("along the white stream") respects the Reinheitsgebot and everything else sacred in the traditional brewing of classic German lager. This Märzen Festbier will make you appreciate the beauty and wonder of old world workmanship in such a simply crafted masterpiece.